Traceability of Semi-Structured Processes

1st International Workshop on Traceability and Compliance of Semi-Structured Processes (TC4SP2010)

Workshop Proceedings

Semi-structured processes are those business or scientific processes whose lifecycle is not fully driven by a formal process model. Often, an informal description of the process is available in the form of a process graph, flow chart or an abstract state diagram, but the execution is not completely controlled by a central entity (such as a workflow engine), if at all. Instead, a variety of IT and human centric mechanisms are used, including email, content management systems, web-based forms, custom applications or a combination thereof.

Examples of semi-structured processes are collaborative and case oriented processes as well as most end to end line of business processes in commercial enterprises. Even when there is a formally managed process in place, there are often exceptional situations that fall outside the purview of the workflow engine, making measuring compliance against desired business & regulatory policies difficult. In spite of the widespread adoption of BPM technology, semi-structured processes are commonplace in today’s commercial and governmental organizations.

Semi-structured processes, on the other hand, lack most of the advantages provided by business process management systems (BPMSs). In particular, one major advantage of process management is oversight through the inherent provenance of data and actions. Being able to answer the question ‘Who did what when and how?’ makes processes transparent and reproducible, supports compliance monitoring and root cause analysis, and provides the means for deep mining of activities and information.

Accepted Papers

  • A Heuristic Approach for Making Predictions for Semi- Structured Case Oriented Business Processes
    Geetika Lakshmanan, Songyun Duan, Paul Keyser, Francisco Curbera and Rania Khalaf
  • Rationale in Semi-Structured Processes
    Udo Kannengiesser and Liming Zhu
  • Business Control Management – a Discipline to Ensure Regulatory Compliance of SOA Applications
    Axel Martens, Francisco Curbera, Nirmal K. Mukhi and Aleksander Slominski
  • Enabling Cross-Application Traceability of Semi- Structured Business Processes
    Andreas Emrich, Frieder Ganz, Dirk Werth and Peter Loos

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