Education Program

As organizations continue to focus on improving and managing business processes, the ability to acquire and/or cultivate the appropriate skilled workforce has remained a challenge. While business process management (BPM) was once defined in terms of tools and technologies, it is emerging as a discipline encompassing a broad spectrum of knowledge, skills, and abilities. BPM endeavors of today’s organizations have gone beyond the automation of processes to encompass strategic, technical, and people requirements and issues that must be planned, managed, and evaluated. Many organizations have assigned the process transformation leadership to existing business analysts who find they require additional training and education. For the first time, the BPM Conference offers a dedicated education track with papers that highlight current education best practices and challenges in the area of Business Process Management.

  • Professionalizing the Business Process Management Practice: Towards a Common Body of Knowledge for BPM
    Wasana Bandara, Paul Harmon and Michael Rosemann
  • The current state of BPM Education in Australia: Teaching and Research Challenges
    Olivera Marjanovic and Wasana Bandara
  • Service Learning and Teaching Foundry: Building a BPM and SOA Education Community
    Hye-young Paik, Fethi A. Rabhi, Boualem Benatallah and Joseph David