Business Process Intelligence

The 6th International Workshop on Business Process Intelligence (BPI’10)

Workshop Proceedings

Business Process Intelligence (BPI) is an area that is quickly gaining interest and importance in industry and research. BPI refers to the application of various measurement and analysis techniques in the area of business process management. In practice, BPI is embodied in tools for managing process execution quality by offering several features such as analysis, prediction, monitoring, control, and optimization.

The goal of this workshop is to provide a better understanding of techniques and algorithms to support a company’s processes at design time and the way they are handled at runtime. We aim to bring together practitioners and researchers from different communities such as business process management, information systems research, business administration, software engineering, artificial intelligence, and data mining who share an interest in the analysis of business processes and process-aware information systems. The workshop aims at discussing the current state of ongoing research and sharing practical experiences.


Accepted Papers

Full Papers:

  • Mining Context-Dependent and Interactive Business Process Maps using Execution Patterns
    Jiafei Li, R.P. Jagadeesh Chandra Bose and Wil M.P. van der Aalst.
  • Towards Robust Conformance Checking
    Arya adriansyah, B.F. van Dongen and W.M.P. van der Aalst.
  • User Assistance During Process Execution – An Experimental Evaluation of Recommendation Strategies
    Christian Haisjackl and Barbara Weber.
  • Run-time Monitoring and Auditing for Business Processes Data using Constraints
    María Teresa Gómez-lópez and Rafael M. Gasca.
  • A critical evaluation study of model-log metrics in Process Discovery
    Jochen De Weerdt, Manu De Backer, Jan Vanthienen and Bart Baesens.
  • BPAF: A Standard for the Interchange of Process Analytics Data
    Michael zur Muehlen and Keith Swenson.
  • Revising Process Models through Inductive Learning
    Fabrizio Maria Maggi, Domenico Corapi, Alessandra Russo, Emil Lupu and Giuseppe Visaggio.

Short Papers:

  • Improving the Diagnosability of Business Process Management Systems Using Test Points
    Diana Borrego Núñez, María Teresa Gómez-lópez, Rafael M. Gasca and Rafael Ceballos.
  • Toward Obtaining Event Logs from Legacy Code
    Ricardo Pérez-Castillo, Barbara Weber, Ignacio García-Rodríguez de Guzmán and Mario Piattini.
  • Dimensions of Business Process Intelligence
    Markus Linden, Carsten Felden and Peter Chamoni.
  • PLG: a Framework for the Generation of Business Process Models and their Execution Logs
    Andrea Burattin and Alessandro Sperduti.