Wednesday, September 15th

8:00-9:00 Registration Opens
9:00-10:15 Keynote – Clay Richardson: Process Data Management
10:15-10:45 Networking Break
Tracks Advances in Research Industry Case Studies Tutorials
10:45-12:15 Theme: Process Mining BPM in Practice: BPM in Government
12:15-1:30 Networking Lunch
1:30-3:00 Theme: BPM in Practice Panel Discussion: Adaptive Case Management Business Process Configuration: 
Trends and Challenges
3:00-3:15 Coffee Break
3:15-4:45 Theme: BPM Education Software Demos (Session 2) BPM Standards and Diagram Interchange
4:45-5:30 Fireside Chat – Keith Swenson: Thoughts on Collaborative Planning
7:00-10:00 Conference Dinner Cruise

BPM Detailed Agenda (PDF)

BPM Detailed Agenda (PDF)

Advances in Research: Process Mining (10:45-12:15)

  1. Trace Alignment in Process Mining: Opportunities for Process Diagnostics
    Jagadeesh Chandra Bose Rantham Prabhakara and Wil M. P van der Aalst
  2. A fresh look at Precision 
in Process Conformance
    Jorge Muñoz-Gama and Josep Carmona
  3. Content-Aware Resolution Sequence Mining for Ticket Routing
    Peng Sun, Shu Tao, Xifeng Yan, 
Nikos Anerousis and Yi Chen

Advances in Research: BPM in Practice (1:30-3:00)

  1. BPM in Practice: Who Is Doing What?
    Hajo A. Reijers, Sander van Wijk, Bela Mutschler and Maarten Leurs
  2. How Novices Model Business Processes
    Jan Recker, Niz Safrudin and 
Michael Rosemann
  3. IT Requirements of Business Process Management in Practice – An Empirical Study
    Susanne Patig, Vanessa Casanova-Brito and Barbara Vögeli

Advances in Research: Business Process Education (3:15-4:45)

  1. Professionalizing the Business Process Management Practice: Towards a Common Body of Knowledge for BPM
    Wasana Bandara, Paul Harmon and 
Michael Rosemann
  2. Service Learning and Teaching Foundry: Building a BPM and SOA Education Community
    Hye-young Paik, Fethi A. Rabhi, Boualem Benatallah and Joseph David
  3. The current state of BPM Education in Australia: Teaching and Research Challenges
    Olivera Marjanovic and Wasana Bandara

Case Studies: BPM in Government (10:45-12:15)

  1. BPM and Semantic Technology at the DoD
    Dennis Wisnosky
 (Department of Defense, USA)
  2. Army Transformation: The move to Net-centric warfare and Enterprise Information Management
    Scott Britt and Dennis Kelly (
General Dynamics, USA)
    Rory Kinney
 (Department of Defense, USA)

Panel Discussion: Adaptive Case Management (1:30-3:30)

  1. Mastering the Unpredictable: 
Revolutionizing the Way 
how Knowledge Work gets Done
    • Jacob Ukelson, ActionBase
    • Keith Swenson, Fujitsu Software
    • Dermot McCauley, Singularity
    • Tom Shepard, Global 360

Software Demo Showcase (3:15-4:45)

  1. Signavio-Oryx Academic Initiative
  2. WebRatio
  3. Cheetah
  4. Nitro
  5. ProM6
  6. PrICE
  7. Sketch-based Models