Business Process Design: Call for Papers

6th International Workshop on Business Process Design (BPD’10)

Process design is the conscious (re-)evaluation and organization of the tasks that a business process is composed of. Designing a process that improves current performance and/or conformance is a challenging task that requires a plethora of inputs (for example, organizational strategies, goals, constraints, and IT capabilities, to name a few). Process modeling, which is a heavily researched aspect of the business process lifecycle, is also an important pre-requisite of process design. However, it is the actual act of process improvement that is the most value-adding step in the process lifecycle. Unlike the comprehensive body of research on process modeling, process design – the ʻwhite spaceʼ between the ʻas-isʼ and the ʻto-beʼ – has so far attracted limited academic contributions. As a result, practical process improvement exercises rely heavily on tacit knowledge, inspiration and personal experiences, with a lack of guidance and best practice approaches. This situation can result in inconsistent results that undermine the true potential of Business Process Management (BPM) initiatives in organizations.

The BPD workshop is focused exclusively on the design, evaluation and comparison of process improvement techniques, tools and methods. Its aim is to provide a forum for discussion of current research dedicated to process improvement to comprehensively cover process enhancement approaches such as TRIZ, reference (best practice) models, process innovation or resource-based approaches to process improvement, and contribute to the lacking process design body of knowledge. We appreciate diversity in the underlying research methodologies and welcome papers along the entire Design Science-Behavioral Science continuum.


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