Process in the Large

1st International “Process in the Large” Workshop (IW-PL’10)

Workshop Proceedings


The field of Business Process Management (BPM) is rich with methodologies, techniques and tools to support the analysis, design, automation and management of business processes. However, few of these methods and techniques find their way to direct application by practitioners and, if they do, only after a serious time lag. A couple of issues may be related to this phenomenon. Arguably, researchers spend too little attention on the evaluation of their methods and techniques beyond the small, toy-sized examples that fit the typical scientific publication. Thus, the scalability of the proposed solutions is often not properly determined. In consequence, it may be extremely difficult for a practitioner to select that method or technique from the many available that most effectively contributes to the actual management and improvement of processes of real dimensions.


Accepted Papers

  • A Framework for Business Process Model Repositories
    Zhiqiang Yan and Paul Grefen
  • Metric Trees for Efficient Similarity Search in Large Process Model Repositories
    Matthias Kunze and Mathias Weske
  • Process Model Analysis using Related Cluster Pairs
    Michael Niemann, Melanie Siebenhaar, Julian Eckert and Ralf Steinmetz