Event-driven Business Process Management

Workshop Proceedings

The recently coined term «Event-Driven Business Process Management» (EDBPM) is nowadays an enhancement of Business Process Management (BPM) by new concepts of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Event Driven Architecture (EDA), Software as a Service (SaaS), Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) and Complex Event Processing (CEP). In this context BPM means a software platform which provides companies the ability to model, manage, and optimize these processes for significant gain. As an independent system, CEP is a parallel running platform that analyses and processes events. The BPM- and the CEP-platform correspond via events which are produced by the BPM-workflow engine and by the – if distributed – IT services which are associated with the business process steps. Also events coming from different event sources in different forms can trigger a business process or influence the execution of the process or a service, which can result in another event. Even more, the correlation of these events in a particular context can be treated as a complex, business level event, relevant for the execution of other business processes or services. A business process – arbitrarily fine or coarse grained – can be seen as a service again and can be “choreographed” with other business processes or services, even between different enterprises and organisations.

Loosely coupled event-driven architecture for BPM provides important benefits:

  • Responsiveness. Events can occur at any time from any source and processes respond
    to them immediately, whenever they happen and wherever they happen.
  • Agility. New processes can be modeled, implemented, deployed, and optimized more
    quickly in response to changing business requirements.
  • Flexibility. Processes can span heterogeneous platforms and programming languages.
    Participating applications can be upgraded or changed without breaking the process

Accepted Papers

  • Decentralized Event-Based Orchestration
    Pieter Hens, Monique Snoeck, Manu De Backer and Geert Poels
  • Optimising Complex Event Queries over Business Processes using Behavioural Profiles
    Matthias Weidlich, Holger Ziekow and Jan Mendling
  • Online Monitoring and Control of Enterprise Processes in Manufacturing based on an Event-Driven Architecture
    Manfred Grauer, Sachin Karadgi, Daniel Metz and Walter Schäfer
  • Event-based Business Process Editor and Simulator
    Vatcharaphun Rajsiri, Nicholas Fleury and Jean-Pierre Lorre
  • Object-centered Process Modeling: A New Approach to Model Data-intensive Systems
    Rui Henriques and António Rito Silva
  • Unified Patterns to transform business rules into an event coordination mechanism
    Willem De Roover and Jan Vanthienen
  • Real-time monitoring of web-based processes: a use case for the event-driven web advertisement
    Roland Stuehmer, Ljiljana Stojanovic

Workshop homepage: http://icep-edbpm2010.fzi.de/